2016年10月27日 星期四



This is one of the pictures that I'd like to keep in my blog -- or to keep in mind. Anyway, just because one of the people in the picture is my mom, I would like to share what they were happy about: They won an important contest and were awarded NT$50,000.00 (fifty thousand New-Taiwan dollars.)

For the background information, see: 石門社區參加 "衛服部" 年度社區評鑑 (Photos, Part One), (Photos, Part Two), and/or ( Photos, Part Three).

2016年10月25日 星期二





圖/文: Mookoo Liang

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Zicong erzi fuji-taxiang (dao Xianggang nian shenxueyuan) yilai, changchang kandao (huo tingjian) erxifu liyong wanshang gong-yu shijian (zhe shihou wo liangge xiao sunzi dou shuijiao qu le) hai zai "shixun" liaotian. Wo xiang, bujin tamen fuqi-lia bici sinian, wo han laopo (shen wei zhangbei de) ye bumian shichang guaxin; zongshi xiwang wo er zaori "xuecheng guiguo" -- jiang qi suo xue, yong zai "rong shen yi ren" de shensheng shiming-zhong, tongshi ye hao "quanjia tuanyuan", kaishi ling yi jieduan meihaode xiao-jiating shenghuo!

Dao shihou, wo han laopo jianbang-shang de danzi kewang jianqing bushao ba! -- Zhe jiu shi ben pian 調笑令〈更盼歸〉 de xiezuo yuanqi. Tanbai er yan, zhiyan pianyu, zhi nenggou duiyu jiaren de xinjing "qingmiao danxie" yifan.

2016年10月20日 星期四

調笑令 〈追科技〉




圖/文: Mookoo Liang

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This is the first ci (詞 a form of Chinese lyric poetry) which I've just composed by following the ci-rules introduced in the book Bai Xiang Ci Pu (白香詞譜), originally edited by Shu, Meng-lan (舒夢蘭) in the Qing dynasty and newly annotated by Qingyun Liu (劉慶雲).

Lyric poetry is mostly written in a simple and direct style, and usually expresses personal emotions such as love (for example, 調笑令〈宮詞〉 by 王建 in the Tang dynasty). But, instead of focusing on romantic feelings, I used 32 Chinese characters (words) in the above poem 調笑令〈追科技〉 to describe, and comment on, the fact that innumerable people at the present time are indulging themselves in games of virtual reality -- by means of a cell-phone, an iPad, or a computer!

Yesterday I started to go with Jean to a Classical Literature Reading Club -- simply called Dushu Hui 讀書會 in our language. The club's regular meetings had been and will be continually hosted on Wednesday afternoon by Ms. Meiyu Chen at her dwelling place. With her guidance, both Jean and I had a wonderful time yesterday afternoon, reading and studying such poetic pieces as Li Yu's Yi Jiang Nan (憶江南) and Xiang Jian Huan (相見歡). I believe that all other participants in the meeting, who have now become our "mutual" friends, also enjoyed this reading-singing-studying lesson very much too. Well, it was right after my first meeting with them that I thought of writing a ci or something. And here it is: my first piece of "creative work" to share (see above)!

2016年10月19日 星期三

"一翦梅" Sung by Jean Huang


感謝 謝碧珠老師 製作影音檔,有中文字幕的唷!. . . Jean and her friends gave a nice performance at Taichung Zhongshan Hall (台中市中山堂) on Thursday, October 13. She sang Yi Jian Mei (一剪梅) that was written by Li Qingzhao (李清照), a great poet in Chinese history. Well, for more information, click and see: 攬月吟風 -- Classical Poetry Recitation.

2016年10月17日 星期一

Former Students Have Become Good Friends


As Jean took part in the classical poetry recitation at Taichung Zhongshan Hall last Thursday, some of her former students (see photos) came to watch her performances. Then they invited her -- and me -- for afternoon tea two days later. So, on Saturday, we met them at Pear Coffee (梨子咖啡館) in Xitun District, Taichung City.

Because we hadn't seen them for over thirty years, we were so very excited to meet them again, and we really enjoyed chatting with them for hours. Many good and interesting memories of those "good old days" just came back to mind all at once after that. Long time ago, both Jean and I had taught at Wenwu Elementary School (WES) for years. These students (Jiayan, Jingkui, Heming, Daqing, and Jiafeng) were taught by Jean when they were in grade 1 and grade 2. They graduated from WES in July, 1983. I left from WES one year before that. But they said that I had once taught them the English alphabet as an additional lesson -- This I already forgot; thanks to them for reminding me of it! ...

Ah, times flies! All of them are now doing quite well. I've just thought of a Chinese saying ""Qing chu yu lan, geng sheng yu lan." (青出於藍更勝於藍  It literally means that "bright/light blue comes from and is better than indigo blue," Students have surpassed their teachers!) Well, Jean's former students have become our good friends. For this I'd give thanks to the Lord. And I'd like to pray for each of them, whom I've just met again, saying: May God bless them day and night, wherever they are!

文武國小(第二十一屆)72 年 7 月畢業

This final photo is taken from: 
攬月吟風 -- Classical Poetry Recitation

2016年10月14日 星期五

攬月吟風 -- Classical Poetry Recitation


~ 攬月吟風 ~

演出日期:2016 年 10 月 13 日(星期四)
演出時間:晚上 7:30 ~ 9:30 (七點進場)
演出地點:台中市中山堂(台中市北區學士路 98 號)

演出曲目:分為第一單元「凌雲攬月」和第二單元「把盞吟風」,共有 23 個節目。舉例如下:

(01) 序曲:月亮代表我的心  performed by 四度C樂團(主唱:尤麗雲)   (02) 月出(詩經 . 陳風)   (03) 水調歌頭 by 蘇軾   (04) 青玉案 by 辛棄疾   (05) 宣州謝眺樓餞別校書叔雲 by 李白   (06) 一剪梅 by 李清照  performed by 四度C樂團(主唱:黃月琴  [Click and listen])   (07) 靜夜思 by 李白   (08春思 by 皇甫冉   (09) 嫦娥 by 李商隱   (10) 楓橋夜泊 by 張繼   (11) 景薰樓觀月 by 林獻堂   (12) 臨江仙 by 楊慎   (13) ....

Last night there was a classical poetry recitation (formally called 大漢清韻 105 年度詩詞雅樂發表會) held at Taichung Zhongshan Hall (台中市中山堂), located at 98, Xueshi Rd., North District, Taichung City.

The performances started at 7:30 p.m. and lasted about 1.5 hours, including the reading, chanting, and singing of over twenty pieces of poetry (some called shi and others called ci in Mandarin). These poems were not presented in Mandarin Chinese, nor in the modern Taiwanese; but they were chanted and sung in the traditional Hô-lo̍k (河洛), a language that is believed to sound much more similar to the traditional language which was popular in the times when the recited poems were written -- mostly in the Tang (唐) and Song (宋) dynasties.

Because Jean (my wife) took part in the performances, quite a number of our good friends and some of her former students, as well as my mom and our daughter-in-law and our grandson Little Bee and me, went to the Hall as part of the audience. We did have a wonderful time last night, watching so many good poems presented on the stage in such an impressive way!