2018年3月30日 星期五



祖孫四人 (James, John, Jean, and Jerry) 再次來到茄萣區公所後方的小公園,做「特別的巡禮」。先是漫步、跳繩、聊天。接著尋找啄木鳥(這回沒找到啄木鳥,卻發現多出幾隻靈巧的燕子在天上飛!)欣賞不知名的小鳥兒唱歌。最後,小孫子玩起了自創的遊戲,爺爺隨機配合,而奶奶躲在後頭「側錄」了這一小段 (see below):

庭園珍寶 = Trees + Birds + Flowers

 ... 馬利筋; Milkweed; Blood Flowers ...

Huacao-shumu (花草樹木) wei Shangdi suo chuangzao;  meilide hua, cao, han shumu, shi Shen suo si de zui baogui de liwu [zhi yi]. Ganxie, zanmei Zhu! ...

Jintian wo zai Qieding Shenggonghui Youeryuan de youlechang weiqiang-bian, faxian yizhong hen qite, hen piaoliang de hua (見右上圖, 及最下方二圖), buzhidao ta jiao sheme hua. Wo hen haoqi, yong Google "yi tu souxun" (以圖搜尋) de fangshi cha-le yixia, cai mingbai: Yuanlai, ta jiaozuo malijin (馬利筋); yingwen sucheng "milkweed" huo "blood flowers" -- Zhen you yisi!

Chule zhezhong hua, wo hai kanjian qita duozhong keaide zhiwu. Shenzhi zai kao xibian de jiaoshi qiangbi-shang, kandao yike "yishu-zaoxing" (藝術造型) de shu (樹, 如下, 第一圖). Shu-shang you ji zhi niao zai chang ge ne? -- A! Zhen bang! Cong zheli, jiu keyi kan de chulai, Youeryuan de laoshi-men hen you chuangyi, ye hen yongxin! (= Yes, the teachers here are very creative, and attentive to their teaching!)

2018年3月28日 星期三

主愛無窮 -- God Is Love


(門右邊) 上聯:主愛無窮充宇宙
(門左邊) 下聯:神恩普照滿乾坤

(門上方) 橫批:基督是我家之主



Note: To help take care of our grandchildren, Jean and I have come to Qieding; we'll stay here at St. Andrew's Mission (聖安德烈宣道所) for a couple of days when Antony and Anita are "out of town" on business. -- Personally, I am very much attracted to the meaningful "door-couplet" and the key phrases on the door and window (See photos).

2018年3月25日 星期日

FEAST (吉田敦●宋周妍 雙個展)


After celebrating Palm Sunday (棕枝主日) at St. James Church, seven of us including D.J. Wang, and Daphne, Hans Geiger and Shirley Ke, etc., went to see a remarkable arts exhibition at Sweeten Plaza (順天經貿大樓 B2), in Taichung City. The artists who show their outstanding works are Mr. Atsushi Yoshida and his wife Ms. Jooyean Song, both teaching at Dayeh University (大葉大學).

The theme (or title) of this exhibition is FEAST. In English, the word feast may have several meanings: (1) A feast is a banquet, a large and special meal. (2) Feast can be used as a verb. If you feast, you take part in a feast; if you feast on a particular food, you eat a large amount of it with great enjoyment. (3) A feast is a day or time of the year when a special religious celebration takes place; in this case, it means the same as festival. (4) If you feast your eyes on something, you look at it for a long time with great attention because you find it very attractive.

Today is the Sunday of the Passion, also known as Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is a Christian movable feast that falls on the Sunday before Easter. The feast commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, an event mentioned in each of the four canonical Gospels. It initiates Holy Week, the last week of Lent. -- Well, the first photo below shows that we were celebrating the feast of Palm Sunday this morning by reading the Gospel in a way that is similar to role-play; but if you look at the other photos following, you'll see how much we were interested in the artistic works presented by Atsushi and Jooyean as a feast. What a wonderful FEAST!

2018年3月24日 星期六

A Romantic Wedding Party (婚禮之美)


We went to a romantic wedding party today. The bride is Xinyuan (or spelled Hsin-Yuan), the daughter of my good friend Mr. Bi-Le Wang, a remarkable violinist. The bride is now a high-school music teacher, while the groom is a medical doctor (who specializes in diseases and problems affecting people's eyes).

Well, I don't think I'll always remember how to spell the word "ophthalmologist" [ˌɒfθælˈmɒləist] or [ˌɒpθælˈmɒləist]. But to be totally honest, I'll remember much, much better and longer, the wedding party that I attended at The Lin Hotel (台中林酒店) today. This is one of the most fantastic and romantic wedding parties that I've ever attended.

The beauty of this wedding includes not only the beautiful bride and handsome groom but also the very impressive music played by the bride and her elder brother! (See photos #12, #13, #14, and #15.) And, here and now, I'd like to pray for them that the newlyweds and their relatives be blessed for ever and ever. Amen.



















2018年3月20日 星期二

Such Beautiful Scenes (家附近的風景)


I love being surrounded by such beautiful scenes (See photos).

I believe these pictures will tell you stories -- stories about things that have already, or never, happened to you so far. If you get no stories from me at this moment, then create some of your own.

Believe it or not, you can always make good use of your imagination, if you like.

What's occurred to you? What are you thinking about for now? -- Well, do you see the two bunny rabbits on the parapet (low wall) on the roadside? (In fact, the decorated wall is on the edge of a bridge that doesn't look like a bridge!) What are the two rabbits looking at? ...

Do you see the small three-leaf plants that grow closely together and may have pink or yellow flowers? (As far as I know, they are called zuojiang cao, 酢漿草, in Chinese, but not exactly the same as clover or shamrock.) Can this three-leaf plant be also a symbol of the Holy Trinity? ...

This past Sunday (March 18) we informally celebrated St. Patrick's Day in our church, though St. Patrick's Day should be on March 17 every year (See Wikipedia English). According to the Irish tradition, St. Patrick used shamrock, a three-leaf plant, to illustrate the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity in Ireland in the 5th century.